Sunday, September 24, 2006

Happy 10,000!

I must confess--I'm late to my own party!!! Sometime in the early hours of September 12, Weird Venice had its 10,00th visitor! Since then, the sitemeter's been clicking and we're closing in to 11,000. Thanks everyone--I love having you visit.

Special thanks to the photographer, Peter Fox Harrison, for use of this great fireworks photo. Here's Peter's story about the photo: "The photo is a composite of two shots. The first was taken in Venice in April 2005 on a Wednesday at dusk. The camera was a Nikon D70, exposure was about 15 seconds at f16. The fireworks are in the UK on November 5, 2005 in a dark cold muddy field at my local pub. I was standing on my own on top of a hill while my friends huddled around a warm bonfire, exposure probably a couple of seconds f8. The Venetian sky was ok but nothing special, so I had the idea of putting a firework behind the campanile in Photoshop, to make it more striking. I dropped a few firework shots in until I found one that worked."

It works--and I think it's the perfect photo to celebate 10,000! Now I'm gong to sit back and enjoy the fireworkds. To see more of Peter's work, go to

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