Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Almost on my way to Venice!

I can't believe it's four years since I've been to Venice. My excitement is building. We leave in two weeks to attend the opening of the Biennale (more on that later). I'm wondering if the real Venice will be stronger than my memories of Venice. Is it real or imagined? You'll have to wait to find out! \

This photo is one that I took from the top of the Accademia bridge. It's my favorite and I'm looking forward to once again standing there and looking at the traffic on the Grand Canal.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Bridge Cafe in NYC needs your help

Every so often, events outside of Venice demand our attention. Back in the day when we were all still innocent, the Bridge Cafe in NYC was the site of many a happy lunch, drinks or dinner. Many, many fond memories. Now, the Bridge Cafe needs our help. This is from their website:
Bridge Café is the oldest continuously serving bar & restaurant in NYC, since 1794.  On October 29, 2012 Sandy put us under, literally! Three feet of water in the dining room, four feet in the kitchen, and our basement was filled to the top. The building, New York City’s oldest commercial wood frame, needs 85% of its wood support in the basement replaced; in addition all of our mechanicals were destroyed. We are in need of new ovens, stoves, all refrigeration, and all electric, new floors in dining room and in the kitchen. Unfortunately, we are located in flood zone A, no insurance!

There are very fair loans, but more over-head will truly put us in danger of a permanent close. All of this work will cost about three hundred to four hundred thousand dollars.

Please contribute to help save this landmark restaurant that never disappointed. (The photo is from the Bridge Cafe website)

View AvventureBellissime tours before you sign up

Over the years, I have taken many a delightful tour with AvventureBellissime. Each one has introduced me to a part of Venice that I might never have discovered on my own. Recently they have updated their website and added a great feature. You can go to their YouTube channel ( and see a brief video of their tours. A great way to spend a day when you're dreaming about being in Venice!

This photo is from a private Venice Secret Gardens walking tour. Highly recommended!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Harry's Bar in Danger of Closing

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal caught my eye and made me feel sad. Harry's Bar is, "Drowning in debt, struggling with a decline in American patrons and battling to cut labor costs, Harry's Bar—inventor of the Prosecco-and-peach purée cocktail known as the Bellini—has turned to a distressed-debt fund to revive its business."

I have some fond memories of Harry's. The first time we went, we were shown to the stairs to the upstairs dining room. As we climbed the stairs, we heard feet running on another staircase. When we arrived at the top, our slightly out of breath host was waiting for us. He'd run up the back stairs!

Another time, we were sitting near a table of an American family. Mom, Dad, a teenaged son and a pre-teen son. The men were all wearing khaki pants, navy blue blazers and blue shirts. In the middle of the meal, they started to argue about something. They were very proper. No raised voices. No scene. But we could tell they were fighting. The teenager got red in the face; he clenched his fists and his eyes were wild. Then, the fight went out of him and the meal resumed.

Harry's always provided us with great people watching. One time an older gentleman came in with a much younger and very attractive woman. What I would call an "uncle" out with his "niece." She was swaddled from head to toe in a gray wrap. They sat and talked. He ordered wine. It came and the woman must have approved of the choice because she excused herself to go to the restroom. When she returned, the wrap was gone revealing a short cocktail dress....

We  used to enjoy our dinners at Harry's, but prices went up and the service and food declined. We don't go to Harry's any more, but have fond memories. It would be a shame if it closed. Click here to read the article.

The photo is not mine. I got it from Harry's Bar website. I suggest reading Harry's Bar: The Life and Times of the Legendary Venice Landmark.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Buon anno

Happy New Year to everyone! May 2013 bring us all many opportunities to visit Venice. I'm starting the new year off right--I booked tickets for a May/June trip to Venice. Much more to follow on that...... Thanks to an Amazon gift card from my sister, I am reading a great history of Venice called Venice: A New History> by Thomas F. Madden. I don't know how many histories of Venice I have read, but Madden's book is special. From the opening words of the first chapter, I was hooked:
"No one forgets a first glimpse of Venice. Whether arriving by plane, boat, train, or car, there is that startling moment when one looks across the waves and finds what should not be there—stone towers, rich churches, and packed buildings rising up out of the sea. The extraordinary beauty of Venice only adds to its improbability. How does such a city exist? Who were the people who built it and why did they think it worth such unyielding efforts?"
The writing is excellent and entertaining. Madden really makes the history come alive. The author's page on says, "Thomas F. Madden is Professor of History and Director of the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies at Saint Louis University. He has appeared in such venues as The New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and The History Channel." P.S. I don't know Madden and didn't receive any compensation for this post. I am simply enjoying this book and wanted to tell you about it.