Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Weird Biennale

Our friends at Buongiorno Venezia (published by Venice Word International) report on some of the weirdness arising from the Biennale:

"Sunday, 12 June, marked the beginning of the 51st edition of the International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale and, with it, an exhibition "riot" that involved the whole town. There are works of art and performances everywhere. Among the most curious, appearing on the balconies of many houses and hotels on the Grand Canal, are several red and orange plastic penguins. The anonymous artist hasn't provided any explanations about the meaning of the work. Perhaps he's content simply to have aroused curiosity.

"BIENNALE 2. Curiosity has certainly been aroused by the activities of Spanish artist José Abajo Izquierdo. Last week, he covered the walls of Venice with hundreds of leaflets, asking for 2000 Venetian volunteers/collaborators. Those who step forward will be stepping out stark naked, painted from head to toe, and walking throughout the town in groups. Their task is to surprise passers-by, whose reactions will be secretly filmed by the artist and then screened at the Biennale exhibition areas along the Gardens."