Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Another Crazy Boat Story

Every so often a story about a boat run amuck crosses my desk. This one come from Buongiorno Venezia (a great source for Venice stories and info).

CURIO. An event that might have ended in tragedy had, everyone admitted, its funny aspects. Because of improper rigging during an unloading operation, the pilot of a boat was tossed overboard. That is quite normal in Venice. But, since the engine was running and the boat wasn't moored properly either, it began to spin in a circle with the propeller coming dangerously close to the pilot and another person who tried to board the boat but... missed. Acting as if it were "frightened", the boat knocked against the banks and the other boats, creating confusion among the gondolas moored nearby in Bacino Orseolo, the most crowded "stazio" (gondola mooring) in Venice. The scene continued for half an hour under the curious gaze of hundreds of tourists until the fire department arrived and secured the craft.

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