Monday, December 05, 2005

Olympic Torch to Visit Venice

On January 17th, the Olympic Torch will arrive in Venice. The torch, which will travel through all of Italy’s provinces, will arrive in Turin on Feb. 7, 2006 for the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics. The torch starts its Venetian journey at the Piazzale Roma. Torch-bearers will carry it to the Rialto Bridge where it will board a gondola and go down the Grand Canal to the Royal Gardens near St. Mark’s Square. If you are in Venice on the 17th, please take some photos and send them in!


snoody said...

the olympic torch will actually be in Venice on January 17th not December 17th Ooops! My daughter and 7 other Australians and 5 Kiwis have been chosen as torchbearers from Venice. We shall take lots of photos, can't wait.

SharonZ said...

Thanks for correcting the date--I'm going to change it in the posting.

You're going to be a torchbearer? That's wonderful. Send some photos and I'll try to get them posted.