Monday, December 12, 2005

Guggenheim Expands to Ca' Dario


"Ca' Dario, a jewel of Venetian Renaissance architecture, will be the "second" home of the Guggenheim Collection whose historic original location is the nearby palazzo Ca' Venier dei Leoni, where exhibitions by the American foundation currently take place. An agreement was reached between the Guggenheim Foundation and the present owner Elisabetta Gardini Ferruzzi who has had the palazzo up for sale for some time. The Guggenheim will not actually buy the palazzo. Instead, it will have a franchise on it at very favourable terms. In return, the name of the Gardini family will be associated with any shows that are held in the new location. This acquisition completes the Guggenheim's expansion project, which became a necessity due to the continuous increase in the number of visitors."

Ca' Dario may be a haunted palazzo. According to numerous guides and guidebooks, Ca' Dario's owners frequently meet untimely deaths. It started in the 15rh century when the builder's daughter died. The deaths continued to modern times: in 1993, Raoul Gardini, owner of famous racing sailboat "Moro di Venezia," committed suicide. Then the manager of "The Who" bought the place--and soon committed suicide. Legend also says that Woody Allen wanted to buy Ca' Dario, but backed out of the deal when he learned the palazzo's history.  Posted by Picasa

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