Sunday, May 03, 2009

After 75 Years, the Temporary Accademia Bridge to Be Replaced?

The wooden Accademia Bridge was erected in 1933 as a temporary structure until a permanent bridge could be built. 75 years later, Venice may be finally getting around to building that permanent bridge.

News reports say that Venice's city council on Thursday opened the bidding to design a replacement for one of the city's key bridges, the Ponte dell'Accademia.

The council itself doesn't plan to spend a penny and is instead in search of a sponsor to fork out five million euros, an architect and a building company to present a joint offer by the end of August. The council plans say that the iron arches supporting the bridge will remain, but the wooden section will be replaced with a new design, either in stone or a metal alloy, and the entire structure given an overhaul. quotes public works councillor Maria Rumiz as saying that Venetians had become fond of the bridge, and that she expected there would be some polemics.

She said it was necessary to ''overcome'' the idea that Venice was ''made of postcards'' without any structures that ''need to be eliminated''.

I took the photo of the bridge in May 2003.

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