Sunday, September 28, 2008

Got Any Tips

So, I'm finally getting to Venice this year. I've never felt so out of touch with my favorite city--I can't wait to get back.

A question: is there any place I should visit, any restaurant I should visit, any shops I should spent my euros in? Who's been to Venice lately? What is on your "not to be missed" list? Who knows, you might even win something!


Tia O'Connor said...

(Re)Visit the sialnds, especialy Torecello and St. Michele (got to Stravinsky's and Dialghilev's graves), take the boat around the grand canal and have a look inside the beautiful houses... Restaurants - the Jewish one and those used by the local workers (ask someone who works in a hotel to recommend you one); unfortunately I cannt remember the names of the restaurants we went to... :-)
Enjoy your trip! said...

Morning....not sure when you last went to Venice but if your picture is any indication you may not have visited the clock tower. I went to Venice for Christmas two years ago and made a point of taking the tower tour. The view of the bacino and the piazza from the top is wonderful. The behind the scenes view of the clock works is fun too.

I am envious I must admit. I was hoping to get to Venice this autumn...but with the economy I am scrapping my plans.

Have fun for me...LOL
Chris Patzke

SharonZ said...

Thanks for the tips!

Tia, obviously great minds think alike. I'm definitely going to Burano and Torcello for a re-visit. As for riding up and down the Grand Canal, I love taking a vaporetto at night to look into the windows.

Chris, it's been a little over a year since I've been to Venice, although the photo I posted is a bit older. I have not yet done the clock tower tour and hope to do it this time. I'm really interested in the clock works.

I was also not sure about going to Venice this year, but decided what the heck!

And I promise to have fun for you!

karan said...

I like a tiny pizza place called "The Planet". It's a locals kind of place, affordable and very comfortable. It's located near San Marco.

marisa said...

If you are going to Burano--you must eat at Il Gatto Nero. Burano after the tourists leave is quiet and odd. Sempione has expanded and is still very good.
My favorite pizza is near Campo san Maurizio--small place no tables.
My favorite sandwich shop--on San Provolo not far from Piazza San Marco--mostly locals.

I don't usually find myself on the San Polo side of the Rialto for lunch but I enjoyed Osteria Antico Dolo this last trip--good food and the prices were reasonable.

Enjoy your trip!!!

SharonZ said...

Il Gatto Nero is one of my favorite restaurants--anywhere, not just in Venice. We will definitely go there again.

Thanks for the other tips, too.

René Seindal said...

Do something Venetian - go to the Lido, take the bus A or B to Ca' Bianca, find the rowing club Diadora and have them give you a lesson in Voga alla Veneta - it is great fun, and not as difficult as it looks. I've managed to row a mascareta alone with one oar after just a few lessons there.

It can't get more Venetian than actually trying to row like a gondolier yourself.

René Seindal
Venice Kayak

Annie said...

I read somewhere that this year is the 1,000th anniversary of the building of the Torcello cathedral and there are supposed to be some concerts out there and other celebrations. I love that island!

Last December, I really enjoyed Enoteca Osteria San Barnaba (right in that same section with Oniga, La Bitta, and other places). Nice owners and great food.

Have a great time!

SharonZ said...

Great tip, but I keep giggling as I picture myself tipping over! I think I'll leave the gondoliering to the gondoliers! Hey, maybe I should take a kayak trip!

I love Torcello, too. Since we're planning to go to Burano, we'll have to go to Torcello--after all, how can we miss the 1,000 anniversary.

We discovered Oniga on our last trip. We'll "discover" Enoteca Osteria San Barnaba this time. Since the apartment I'm renting is really close to Campo San Barnaba, we'll be sure to get there.