Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Take a Gondola Ride / Poll Results

Weird Venice is going to take a long Memorial Day break. We'll be back on or around May 27. Unfortunately, we're not heading to Venice, but...

according to the results of our recent poll (Even though the dollar keeps falling, are you still planning to go to Venice this year?), 56% of those who responded said, "To hell with the dollar, I wouldn't miss a trip to Venice for any reason!"

15% had the opposite reaction and voted for: "No, I'm staying close to home this year."

8% said they'd go if, "My lotto numbers are picked."

Another 8% said, they couldn't afford the gas they'd need to get to the airport.

And another 8% said they were waiting to see if things got better.

The rest of you were undecided.

THANKS to everyone who answered. Vote on the current poll today!

For those of us still at home, take a gondola ride via YouTube. I looked at a lot of the videos and really liked this one.

Enjoy and Ciao! for a few days.


sukigirl said...

In a week we will be in Venice for the first time.
My feeling is, if I have to, I'll eat peanut butter sandwiches for the rest of the year to pay for this trip.

SharonZ said...

I always even people who are going to Venice for the first time. It's such a wonderful discovery. It will be worth eating peanut butter for the rest of the year!

Let us know about your excellent adventure.

sukigirl said...

Thanks...We had the most amazing time there! Although it was crowded you could always find surprises down the quieter streets. It was of course expensive but the food was so good and the window shopping was free.
I do have a you know about the history of the street lamp (not far from the Rialto) that is shaped like a dragon holding 3 umbrellas?
The picture is in my post here:
I would love to know!