Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Accademia Bridge to Become Permanent (Finally)

The "temporary" Accademia Bridge was opened to the public in 1933.
Now, nearly eight decades later, the original plan for a permanent stone bridge may finally be realized, according to Rumiz [Venice's public works councillor]. Municipal authorities have confirmed that bidding will open shortly on a contract for a new design and complete overhaul of the structure. ''Between the end of May and the start of June, we will open bidding on creating a new Ponte dell'Accademia,'' Ruiz told local daily La Nuova Venezia. ''The underlying iron structure will remain in place, as this is still perfectly sound. However, the entire outer covering of wood will be replaced, either by stone or perhaps with a metal alloy. We haven't decided which yet, as this is still being assessed''.
(from ANSA.it)

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I took the photo in February 2005. As you can tell, it was a rainy day on a crowded bridge.

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