Monday, April 10, 2006

It Could Only Happen in Venice...

I'm still sorting through my photos and notes from my March trip--it was so great! In the meantime, you'll have to amuse yourselves with this newsflash from our friendss at Buongiorno Venezia. As they say, this type of accident can only happen in Venice:

"It's the kind of accident that can happen only in Venice. Last Friday in Strada Nova, the crowded street which leads to the railway station, two handcarts that were transporting bottles of wine and spirits collided, one lost a wheel, skidded, and knocked down an English tourist. The woman fell, along with the shattering glass bottles, and suffered a severe laceration that, doctors at a nearby hospital said, would take ten days to heal. While it is a uniquely Venetian accident, it's not likely to provide very pleasant memories for the tourist and her family who may never again think about Venetian glass in quite the same way."

Watch out for those flying wine bottles! How do you say "duck" in Italian?


tmayson said...

Sharon: Only 21 more days to Venice. I will be on the lookout for flying wine bottles!

SharonZ said...

Those 21 days will pass in a blur. If you see some fying wine bottles, stick your hand out and grab one!