Sunday, April 02, 2006

I Missed My Anniversary

Weird Venice turned 1 on March 28--and I missed it! Thanks to everyone who's been reading it--and extra thanks to those who have the courage to comment! I just downloaded the photos from my recent trip and promise to post some details soon.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back!!! I just noticed that they are starting to remove the covering from the clock tower in Piazza San Marco--Any info?

SharonZ said...

What great timing! I was just looking at the San Marco webcam and noticed that the scaffolding seems to be down. It was still up when I was there.

The photos on the scaffolding were of the greatest towers of the world, and was conceived for the restoration work on the Venetian tower by Oliviero Toscani, the famous Italian photographer. The Empire State Building was the last one to be featured.

There's supposed to be some final restoration work done this month. It's supposed to be finished by the end of May.