Monday, February 06, 2006

Six More Weeks!

Six more weeks until I go back to Venice. I'm homesick. I can't wait to unpack my bags in my apartment (through Views on Venice, as always). Then we're heading to Ristorante Riviera (Tel: +39 041 522 7621, Zattere, opposite Molino Stucky, Dorsoduro) for lunch--this is my current favorite Venetian restaurant. I hope they haven't changed.

Here's my question to all you Venice experts who are reading this: I'm bringing a friend who's never been to Venice and I want to make the first day a memorable one. What should we do after lunch? Should we immediately go to Piazza San Marco? Should we take a vaporetto up and down the Grand Canal? Should we wander around until we're lost and stop for a spritz to rejuvenate ourselves?

Tell me your perfect itinerary for the first day for a first timers. (Our flight lands in the morning. We should be in Venice by noon.) The winning entry will receive a copy of THE FOOD OF VENICE cookbook. I'm the judge and it's purely subjective!


Anonymous said...

There's nothing like watching a first timers face when they walk into Piazza San Marco for the first time. But my favorite time of day is sunset--the sun hitting the front ot the Bascilica is amazing. Although the other activities you mentioned are great, Piazza San Marco at sunset would be my choice--be sure you are watching their face--bring a video camera. Marisa
PS--When I took a friend to Venice, we went to the Piazza and she said it was one of the most memorable moments of our trip--I have since done it to my son, nephew(who is there as we speak)and many others.

SharonZ said...

Dear Anonymous,
YOur post inspired me. Here's the first day: unpack in the apartment. Walk and cross the Grand Canal at the Accademia. Have lunch in the lesser-know (but better food and value) Da Fiore off of Campo San Stefano (my favorite campo) and if we're lucky, the grilled veggies will be coming off the grill. Walk to Piazza San Marco. Sit at a cafe. Enjoy!

Great suggestion. If you want the cookbook, email me you address.