Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Countdown to the Carnival

Three days until Venice's Carnival (Feb. 18-28). I went to Venice a few years ago to witness the great party for myself and I have to admit that I was not impressed. Too many drunken people screaming and shouting until dawn--and doing it too close to my bedroom window! Too many crowds in the restaurants (and a lof of mediocore food in usually reliable restaurants). As a Venetian friend said, "I told you not to come for Carnival."

However, don't let me stop you! Here's a link to a day-by-day program of events. This is what the introduction to the website says:

"A rich programme of events for this year's Carnival--here divided day-by-day--starting with traditional happenings such as 'The Flight of the Angel' and the 'Feast of the Marie,' and with new ones, such as Maurizio Scaparro's Carnival of Theatre, with performances dedicated to the Chinese cuture and art ('The Dragon and the Lion'), and a line up of shows for children within 'The Unforbidden City'. Young people will gather in the area of Rialto, in Santa Margherita Square and in the Maritime Station, with music and entertainments. Beyond the historical centre, Piazza Ferretto in Mestre will host music and entertainments for young people and children, and city theatres will stage several shows, not to mention the traditional events within the Carnival of the Brenta Riviera and the Terra dei Tiepolo."

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