Wednesday, November 02, 2005

My Apologies

I'm behind on posting here and I'm sorry. But I have a good excuse. I've been in Italy. No, not in Venice. For the first time in half a dozen years, I went to Italy and did not set foot in Venice. And, you know what, I'm sorry, Instead of doing the "Tuscany Thing," I wish I'd gone to Venice. More on the Tuscany Thing in another post. Until then, maybe it's time to get to the Guggenheim in NYC or Venice. Our friends at Buongiorno Venezia tell us why:

"In New York, the 2006 programme for the Guggenheim museums was presented. In the Venetian branch in Ca' Venier dei Leoni, the chief attraction from 3 June to 24 September will be the exhibition 'Lucio Fontana: Venezia - New York.' It will gather the famous sculptor's works that he dedicated in the 'sixties to the two towns and that were exhibited for first in Venice at Palazzo Grassi and then in New York at the Martha Jackson Gallery. This show will be preceded, from 4 February to 21 May, by a photographic exhibition entitled 'Venice: The Stage's Art 1948-1986,' a series of black-and-white photographic portraits of famous artists whose works were presented at the Biennale from 1948 to 1986--a range of talent from Giacometti to MirĂ² and from Ernst to Chagall."

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Colleen in CA said...

I noticed (on SlowTalk) that you'll be in Venice in March 2006 - I hope your visit overlaps with mine and Shannon's!
Thanks for the tip on the Guggenheim Venice shows. I haven't been to Ca' dei Leoni since 1999 - except to the gift shop to buy "tippy" pens showing a gondola gliding by the palazzo! :) It sounds like the upcoming photo exhibit will make a return visit very worthwhile.