Thursday, November 10, 2005

Inverno Veneziano --Winter in Venice

Winter in Venice often looks like this--a pack of umbrellas climbing the Accademia bridge. Winter is also a great time to be in Venice--the crowds are gone (despite the crowd shown in this photo), the museums are empty, and the restaurants are filled with Venetians--not tourists. So take your umbrella and your warm coat and go to Venice in the winter.

If you do go in the winter, here's some advice on things to do. This comes from (it's a great site, so please check it out):

"A special winter," by Luisa De Salvo

"The risk that we run today in discussing or proposing music and food is that of being banal or too general, to say everything and nothing at the same time. For three years now, Inverno Veneziano or Venetian Winter has been promoted by the Tourist Promotion Board of Venice with the aid and collaboration of many public and private bodies, and tries to avoid running this risk, or at least tries to look on the bright side by presenting ever more varied and exciting programmes for the autumn and winter seasons. When we look at the artistic and historic wealth of the Province of Venice, the events that take place every year seem to partly increase and partly change their locations; keeping in mind too the developments taking place in local tourism. The year 2005 has seen much attention focused on Mestre, on the new Municipalities and on some important tourist spots in the Venice area, such as Quarto d'Altino and Mirano.

"As regards the promotion of the initiatives presented over the past years, three of the main ones are being put forward again this year, enhanced though by a special novelty. Included in the Magici Ascolti or Magic Music shows in November are percussion instruments accompanying our guests in Venice in a rhythmic journey entitled 'Days of the Drum', part of the contemporary music section.
The Santa Maria delle Grazie Cultural Centre in Mestre is hosting four concerts - great styles of music ranging from the Balkans to Brazilian percussion, and from Afro-Cuban traditions to the modern expression of drums and electronic music. From November to January there is a programme of 16 concerts for choir and organ in some of the most awe-inspiring churches in the city of Venice and on the mainland. The organisers have managed to combine celebrated organists, of international standing, with Italian choral societies. Anyone enthusiastic about wolfing down sweets - and the curious visitor too - might like to taste chocolate in all its varieties and specialities: Dolci Asssaggi (Sweet Tasting) presents what is becoming a traditional appointment with 'Chocolate in the Villas'.

"For three weekends in the month of November, villas, gardens and historic parks in and around Venice (the city, on the Lido, on the Riviera del Brenta, at Terra dei Tiepolo) are sprinkled with little old-style Venetian shops where expert confectioners and chocolate manufacturers reveal the secrets of their craft, introducing visitors to the aroma, touch and feel of chocolate under a thousand guises.

"A Venetian Winter - right from its very first year - has undertaken to gather together and coordinate all the initiatives planned for Venice and its mainland area. And this year is no exception, with a very rich choice of cultural events covering wine and food and items of historic, artistic and musical interest: and all that public bodies, associations and Venetian businesses have programmed for the coming winter season."  Posted by Picasa

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Anonymous said...

Winter has become my favorite time of year in Venice--the restaurants are full of Venetians and the waiters are more relaxed. We had a treat in February: SNOW. It was the first time I saw it there and it happened twice.