Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Does Donna Leon Hate American Tourists?

I've been a fan of Donna Leon's Commissario Guido Brunetti mystery series, but lately I've been feeling a bit annoyed with the things she writes about American tourists. Yes, Americn tourists are sometimes loud, sometimes rude, sometimes dressed inappropriately. But you know what, tourists from other countries are also guilty of being loud, rude, dressed weird. So why does Leon write things like, "Brunetti was surprised that a crowd that large could find room there [the Paganelli], and that Americans would have the good sense to choose it." (Blood from a Stone, pg. 21) Or, "They had to be Americans. They might as well have been draped in the flag. White-haired, both of them, they gave the bizarre impression that they were dressed in each other's clothing." (Blood from a Stone, pg. 17)

I'm not going to continue listing quotes; I think you get the idea. Now that her books are being released in the US, I wonder if others will start to feel the same way. It's a shame, because her books give a great view of Venice.

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