Wednesday, March 09, 2005

A Canal Runs Beneath It...

This photo of Santo Stefano is taken from a bridge behind the church and shows why this church is unique. It is the only one in Venice that is built over a canal. Sometime in the 18th century, the church expanded over the Rio del Santissimo di San Stefano. So, if you duck, it's possible to go under the church! Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

What a terrific blog. Now, tell us where to eat after we've seen San Stefano, something good and very local.

SharonZ said...

There's a great local restauran, just steps away from Campo San Stefano. It's FIORE (Calle delle Botteghe 3460, San Marco, Tel. 041/5235310, Closed Tuesday)

Don't confuse this local place with the "famous" Osteria Da Fiore in San Polo, a restaurant many reviewers have labeled the “best” restaurant in Venice. It’s not; I don't think the “famous” Da Fiore is worth the money.

Take my advice, and find this Fiore. Stop at the bar for a spritz, then grab a table inside and feast on the seafood. If you don't like all the seafood on the frito misto, try the Scampi and Calamari Plate,

In Feb. 2004, I rented an apartment near Campo San Stefano (and was on the Grand Canal opposite the Accademia). We stumbled onto Fiore for our first lunch in Venice and were amazed Get there early and have the veggie antipasto. At lunchtime, the veggies were still warm from the grill and wonderful. We went back two more times for dinner and had great meals. Zuppa di pesce is great! Highly recommended. Nice wine list, too.