Monday, February 18, 2013

View AvventureBellissime tours before you sign up

Over the years, I have taken many a delightful tour with AvventureBellissime. Each one has introduced me to a part of Venice that I might never have discovered on my own. Recently they have updated their website and added a great feature. You can go to their YouTube channel ( and see a brief video of their tours. A great way to spend a day when you're dreaming about being in Venice!

This photo is from a private Venice Secret Gardens walking tour. Highly recommended!

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goowai.adele said...

Never thought Venice's have secret gardens. I did actually looked up on it in the internet and it's beautiful (like those I've seen on the movies).
I thought there was just grand canal and gondola. Well, another discovery for me and another reason to travel Italy. :)