Thursday, October 23, 2008

Feeling Lucky???

If you're in Italy, you might want to buy a few lotto tickets. This is from

Italian jackpot nears world record
Betters line up for crack at 100- million- euro win
(ANSA) - Rome, October 23 - At a whopping 100 million euros, the jackpot for Italy's popular SuperEnalotto game is close to becoming the fifth biggest lotto win in the world ever.

The advantage of the Italian game over others, especially those in the US, is that SuperEnalotto pays out the full prize immediately while the US game gives winners the pot in instalments or pays a single, reduced prize.

SuperEnalotto winners also receive interest on their winnings from the time they redeem their slips to when they receive full payment, which usually takes two months. The chance of becoming a millionaire has driven millions of Italians and foreigners to place bets and the number of slips played for Saturday's draw broke the 100-million threshold for the first time ever.

SuperEnalotto's jackpot has been building since its last top prize was won on April 26, when 40.6 million euros were won.

In order to win SuperEnalotto betters must choose the correct six numbers drawn from one to 90. Draws are held three times a week, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Good luck!

UPDATE (also from
ANSA) - Catania, October 24 - The whole of Catania was still celebrating Friday morning after a night of cavalcades of cars and cascades of sparkling wine greeted someone's Superenalotto jackpot killing of more than 100 million euros, the biggest Italian lotto win ever.

Despite calls to emerge from anonymity and a plea from a leukemia sufferer, the winner will almost certainly stay undercover.

All that is known is that he or she placed their bet at a tobacco shop not far from the city centre which has been besieged with calls.

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