Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Venice in the Summer

In yesterday's return posting, I asked people who had visited Venice this summer to share their story with me. Thanks to Judy for sending the following.[I took this photo of San Michele in May 2003. Click on the photo to enlarge it--it looks much better.]

If you'd like to tell us about your summer trip to Venice, email me at SharonZuk@myway.com.

Hi Sharon - glad you're back!
We were in Venice in May, stayed in an apartment in the Castello (Vaniglia Green, and not a bad place at all). That gave us the opportunity to experience Venice at night, what a treat!

I wrote a piece on L'Isola di San Michele, if you're interested, online at
World Photo Adventure: Secret Venice: L'Isola di San Michele.

Most tourists think visiting a cemetery is pretty bizarre, but we love them,
and this one has so much history, we need to revisit it again!
Ciao -

Judy Kiel

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