Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Three Dimensional Map Being Made

From AGI Online--an interesting story about a tri-dimensional map of Venice is being made. Can't wait to see it!


(AGI) - Venice, Oct. 17 - Satellite and laser techniques will be used to provide a complete and through scanning of Venice calli, campielli and fondamente, an unusual tri-dimensional map soon available on the internet and available for everyone. The Ramses project organised by Insula, the Venitian company dealing with the recovery and the safety of the city, has now started: it is an original project that will carry out the complete tri-dimensional representation of the pavements of Venice historical centre. The planimetry and the altimetry of the various parts of Venice will be surveyed with thorough precision (single centimetre after centimetre, and not every 10 centimetres like they used to do in the past). A precise knowledge concerning the pavements will allow the municipality to predict the extension of areas that can be affected by high waters, to calculate the distance between houses and to optimise the utilisation of trestle bridges for permitting the transfer of people and goods. The administration will also be able to use a photographic and planimetric survey for its maintenance works of water, sewer, electric and telephone networks present in the delicate underground of the historical centre.
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Photo: 42-16491185 Corbis Royalty Free Photograph
And...a few weeks ago, I wrote about the 10,000th visit being made to Weird Venice. Well, we've blown through that and are closing in on 12,000! Thanks to all who've been visiting!

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