Monday, July 31, 2006

Torcello's Population Increases by 1!

From our friends at Buongiorno Venezia: news of a new baby on Torcello!

"There's good news for Torcello, the little island near Burano in the northern lagoon. On 18 July, after 26 barren years, there was a new birth. The newborn is named Federica, and she is the daughter of a young married couple who, just a few months ago, moved from the nearby island of Mazzorbo after being assigned as caretakers of the church of Torcello. It may require a certain dedication to live and to raise their children on an island like Torcello, where the (now) fifteen inhabitants lack any modern conveniences. There isn't a single shop, not to mention pharmacy or doctor, and for every necessity they have to travel to Burano. Buona fortuna, Federica!" Posted by Picasa

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