Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The Rest of the World is Just as Weird...

I've been trying to avoid the rest of the world and just focus on Venice, but tonight I realized it won't work. The rest of the world is too weird to ignore. For example:

I'm reading THE SKY'S THE LIMIT by Steven Gaines. In this book Gaines explores the world of mega-million- dollar real estate. Co-op boards that discriminate for no reason. A top-selling Realtor who lives in a $1,000 a month rent controlled apartment. Another Relator who won't work on any apartment selling for less than $5 million. It's a fun book--and will make you wonder what makes an apartment worth $50 million.

Here's the image that made me break my promise to focus only on Venice: "When Dr. Kissinger walks his dog in the neighborhood [near the River House at the East River, between E. 52nd and E. 53rd Streets], a security man walks behind him and cleans up after the dog because it would be undignified for the former statesman to be seen scooping up dog poop." (Steven Gaine, THE SKY'S THE LIMIT, pg. 69)

Ah, New York--the Greatest City on Earth (as David Letterman says).

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