Monday, July 25, 2005

Gondoliers Ask: Please Don't Make Waves

The following article comes from AGI online (
(AGI) - Venice, Italy, July 25 - Wave motion will be the main thing at the next Venice Historical Sailing Race, due in September, said the municipal councillor for tourism, Augusto Salvadori, renowned for his battles to preserve the city decorum, and, in the 80s, for his crusades against people sleeping in sleeping bags. Salvadori went on a gondola today to take part in a demonstration protesting against the surge. "We ask Venice's guests," he said, "Authorities and the state to take measures to preserve the city, to ward off the peril of wave motion." Salvadori announced that in September his group will put up a great photographic show documenting the damages caused by the surge. "Such damages are to be seen in the barriers of lagoon islets, buildings, foundations and tiers." (AGI) - 251728 LUG 05 COPYRIGHTS 2002-2005 AGI S.p.A. Posted by Picasa

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